I work with the leaders of companies and high-growth startups to increase their leadership capabilities and improve collaboration within the leadership team and across the organization.   The end result is an increase in organizational performance, a better relationship with the board, and simply supporting my clients in bringing their best to all aspects of their lives.

I’ve been working in the business and leadership field for 20 years and have a unique background in business, psychology, and coaching (see client list.)  I’ve worked with extraordinary leaders across every function of business in a very wide range of organizations—including startups, Fortune 500s, the U.S. military, and mission-driven organizations. I’ve had periods where I’ve worked with ExxonMobile, Disney, Burning Man, IBM, and a spiritual organization all within a few weeks.   Simply put, I bring a lot of business acumen and can help scale organizations, grow revenues, improve operational efficiencies, develop collaborative cultures, facilitate board decisions, and in general, support my clients through difficult situations

Most of the leaders I work with are very resourceful; I support them in focusing their attention on the issues that matter most. I also provide perspective, highlight re-occurring patterns, and bring accountability to the goals that are important to them.  Often, I just help leaders pay attention and attend to what they already know.  The result is that they can bring more of themselves to their leadership, stop holding back, effectively resolve difficult situations, make bold decisions more quickly and with confidence, and truly step into their best leadership.

With this in mind, all of my clients create stretch goals as a way to orient their attention. We don’t use goals as obligations or burdens. Goals are a way to help my clients tune their attention, create a vision for their future, and move all aspects of their lives forward.  My goal is to help business leaders thrive in every domain of their lives—business and personal.

When I am not coaching, I speak, facilitate, and lead workshops, often around cross-cultural conflict and negotiations.  I have led leadership programs in over 60 cities throughout the world and am regularly in Europe, Asia, and most-often in South America.  I have now been to over 60 countries.  I lead programs on the following topics:

  • Client Relations
  • Influence without Authority (Persuasion)
  • Collaboration
  • Change Management
  • Cross-cultural Negotiations
  • Difficult Conversations
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Innovation

With all this said, what I most enjoy is helping leaders build their organizations, gain clarity, and achieve their personal and professional goals.

Please peruse my website, sign up to receive the 5 secrets whitepaper which I’ll send out next month, and give me a call to explore how I can support you.